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The questions are the same from place to place, so we have selected a number of the most common questions from our featured sites. 

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Q: If I am buying land who do I talk to or how will I know what is good.

In any event get information form any source available. Click here to see an example of what you should expect from a Quality Realtor.

Q: If I buy Land will I pay tax every year?
A: Yes. Make sure you know how much before you buy a piece of property.


 Q:   Is the land good for growing Fruits
 A:   I have been told anything will grow out there if watered,  there is a Citrus Farm close by.  Some parcels have a nice selection of Joshua Trees and Ocotillos.


 Q:   Will I get lots of up to date emails after I contact this Site.

  No,  you will get a couple of emails inviting you to ask more questions but if you are satisfied we won't need to email or contact you again.   We will not have a big staff so it will be impossible to keep sending emails, and we do not wish to add to unnecessary emails in the inbox.

  Don't forget you may phone or fax and we will call you.


Q: Loan applications and other forms require Social Security Numbers - SSN. I don't have one.
A: A I.T.I.N. - Individual Tax Identification Number can be applied for - see form W-7 Instructions. this is what you need, however we used our Passport Number and our own S.S.N. / Tax No.. The I.T.I.N. Number is a big help.
Q: Can I get a mortgage in Las Vegas?
A: Yes. But it is a bit slower than home; also keep records of money transfers as you will be asked to account for the deposit etc. (Money Laundering Prevention rules).
It is important to let your Broker / Lender know that you are a foreign national.
Q: Where would you recommend me to buy in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is expanding so fast and I don’t know a lot of it. But I like the West and Southwest, Henderson in the Southeast and for retirement Sun City Anthem.
For Luxury, Spanish Trails on Tropicana West and Lake Las Vegas are just two out of at least four excellent communities.

The standard in Las Vegas New Home Communities is very good.


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Q: Are the properties freehold?
A: Yes. But do take care as some older homes may not be; and always ask that question. Also, manufactured homes are often Lease Land, which to our way of thinking is Leased.
Q: Are the homes near the Strip?
A: Most new developments are minimum 35 to 45 minutes away. Watch for New Beltway – 215. It is a ring road good for going from East to West and avoids Downtown.
There is a good Public Bus Service and even 45 minutes or more from the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) you still have a wonderful Casino / Hotel near-by.
Q: Is the cost of living high?
A: A difficult question because we all have various standards. However, you can eat out in local food places for as little as $10 per person and in quality food places near the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) where the sky is the limit. Most of the hotels offer Buffets at an average of $12 per person.
The supermarkets are good value (compared to Dublin) and other stores are very good e.g. Wal-Mart etc.
Q: What other attractions are there in Las Vegas (should I need them)?
A: Of course you will need them if you are there for three months or more a year.     You have everything a City offers and need I say...
Golf & Golf , Boating and Fishing . Beautiful Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston are just some of the other places to visit and enjoy while in Las Vegas.
Q:   What do I have to do to avail of Free Buyer Representation ?
A: Just contact your choice of Agent first It is not possible to agree a purchase and then introduce a Representative. If you do end up in discussion with a seller always inform them your Rep. [ give their name ] will be in touch.




 Q:   How easy is it to buy a home in Florida

  Buying a home in the USA is easy compared to some other Countries.  Florida is a State that gives the buyer an easy and safe approach to home ownership.

 It is very important that you have the service of a Realtor who is licensed in the State.


 Q: Are there any other costs in addition to purchase price
 A: Yes you will have closing costs, and if you are taking out a loan some fees will be added.  The best guide is to budget for about  4 to 5% of the total purchase price of the house .


 Q:   What deposit is required
 A:  A $1,000.00 is usually sufficient to book a home in the  U S and is often refundable up to the time you exchange contracts.

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